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Hardscaping Services in Lakewood, CA

Hardscaping Services, Lakewood, CA Hardscaping essentially plays a crucial role in designing outdoor spaces. Lush green vegetation alone may not be enough to build a landscaped garden. To give the place a stunning look with maximum functional value, it is necessary to include hardscape features too. Hardscaping includes all the non-living components of a landscaped area, such as pavers, retaining walls, patios and more. However, hardscape installation calls for professional expertise. If you are looking for hardscaping services, we are here to help. At Gill Hardscape, we are one of the leading hardscaping companies in Lakewood, CA. We can handle various hardscaping jobs seamlessly, with years of experience.


Pavers are one of the best and most popular ways to cover outdoor spaces. Be it utility, durability or aesthetics, pavers are great in every aspect. We could carry out paver installation over your walkway, driveway, patio, or any other outdoor space. Pavers offer several key benefits, such as:

  • Easy reparability: In case one of the paver tiles breaks or suffers any form or damage, you can simply replace it instead of having to carry out a major repair.
  • Cost-efficiency: As pavers do not require much maintenance and replacing damaged tiles is easy, they are also cost-effective in the long run.
  • Versatility: While buying pavers, one can choose from an impressive range of designs, shades, and shapes. This ensures a great deal of flexibility and creativity.
  • Strength: Pavers are available in various thicknesses and can be strong enough to bear the weight of vehicles. This ensures that they would not crack or break easily.
  • Installation: Paver installation is quite easy and fast. This also makes pavers a good choice for homeowners who are on a tight budget.

We offer a great collection of high-quality pavers for our customers to choose from. Our team offers personalized paver installation services to every client.


A driveway plays a crucial role in allowing cars to drive in and out of the property smoothly, without causing any damage to the landscape. Professional driveway installation services are essential, because:

  • Curb appeal: As the driveway would prominently at the frontal part of the property, it has a major impact on the curb appeal. Professionals can boost the aesthetics of your property by installing a thoughtfully crafted driveway.
  • Durability: A driveway should be able to support the load of the vehicles driving over it. Professional companies like us use high-quality materials that offer the necessary strength. Hence, your driveway would have a long lifespan.
  • Proper installation: To prevent any problems, it is also necessary to install the driveway properly. We offer professional installation based on years of experience. Our team knows exactly how to carry out various driveway installations. We can give your property a home new look with our interlocking pavers for driveways.

Patio and Pool Decks

The patio and the pool deck (www.gillhardscape.com/patios-pool-decks) in your home are key outdoor spaces with great functional importance too. A well-designed patio is a great recreational space that you may use for outdoor living purposes. The look and feel of the pool deck can redefine the ambiance around your pool. Here is what we can do:

  • We can have your pool deck and patio with materials that would be resistant to various weather conditions, including extreme heat and frost.
  • Our services can make the whole space aesthetically appealing. We work closely with our clients to customize the designs.
  • You would not have to worry about accidents due to slipping and falling. We use anti-slip pavers that offer good grip even when wet.

Professional hardscape solutions can significantly raise the value of your property in Lakewood, CA. Feel free to call Gill Hardscape at 562-276-8910 or fill up this contact us form if you wish to hire us or have any queries.